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Ashburton Wisdom Teeth Removal

Illustration of tooth being removedThe last to come through the gums, wisdom teeth usually appear when you’re 17-25 years of age. If there’s not enough room in your mouth to accommodate these new molars, they may erupt at an angle or become impacted.

If you are experiencing pain that you think might be related to wisdom teeth, call Cambridge Dental. We have sedation dentistry and oral surgeons on hand to assist with even the most complex wisdom teeth removal cases.

Conservative Recommendations

Your dentist will assess whether there is space for these teeth. X-rays show the position of the root, which then helps determine the best way to remove them.

With a conservative approach to dentistry, we will only recommend removal if decay is present or you’re at risk for an infection. We are lucky enough to have a general dentist who is studying medicine at university to become a maxillofacial and oral surgeon, they have a keen interest and in-depth knowledge to enable them to undertake the more complex extractions. We can handle most procedures in-house, though for more complex cases, we may refer out to a specialist oral surgeon.

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