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Ashburton Bad Breath Treatment

bad breath treatmentWith millions of bacteria living in your mouth, bad breath is a common dental issue. At Cambridge Dental, we’re trained to identify the source of your breath concerns, which may be occasional or more long-lasting.

The bacteria in the mouth gather on the tongue and feed on food debris in the mouth or between the teeth. They then give off sulphur, which creates a foul odour. Drinking alcohol, smoking and some conditions that affect the stomach or respiratory system can contribute to the worsening of bad breath.

What can you do about bad breath?

The best way to address bad breath is by improving your oral hygiene. Regular brushing of the teeth and tongue, using a fluoride toothpaste, as well as flossing your teeth will remove bacteria. Additionally, you can hydrate with water, chew sugar-free gum after eating, quit smoking, eat a balanced diet and keep your regular checkup appointments at our practice.

What if it’s caused by something more serious?

There are other sources of bad breath that require immediate attention, including gum disease, a decayed tooth or dry mouth, which results in a reduced saliva flow. We can assess your oral health to ensure your bad breath doesn’t have a more significant cause. There are other health concerns that may result in bad breath. These include sinusitis, bronchitis, stomach problems, diabetes or issues with the liver or kidneys. If we find any signs of these, we’ll recommend that you visit your GP.

Want to Learn More?

We’re here to help! To discuss bad breath and halitosis treatment in Ashburton, contact us today.


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