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How to Order Mouthguards




Ashburton Sports Mouthguards

If you’ve ever participated in a contact sport, it’s likely that your jaw or mouth has taken a hit. Whether you play football, volleyball, basketball, hockey, soccer, rugby, lacrosse or participate in other activities, a mouthguard from Cambridge Dental can protect you from damage and injury. A mouthguard is created from ethylene vinyl acetate, a plastic that’s tough, strong and can be precisely moulded for a comfortable, snug fit over gums and teeth. It doesn’t just protect your mouth, — it cushions your jaw, neck and even brain while protecting lips, teeth, cheeks and tongue.

Australian Dental Association Recommendations

Here are some helpful articles obtained from the Australian Dental Association urging the importance of mouthguards, sports drinks and what to do in a dental emergency.

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Mouthguard Types

The type of mouthguard deemed suitable will ultimately be discussed with you and your dentist however the 2 main types offered are:

Junior Starter Mouthguard

Aimed for younger players who play low impact sports. Its comfort allows younger players to get used to wearing a mouthguard. Only suitable for beginners playing low impact sports. Available in 1-3 colours. Due to the slimline nature of this mouthguard it is not possible to have a name insert.

Laminate Mouthguard

Aimed for all players unless otherwise advised otherwise. This type of mouthguard is available in 1-3 colours and a name and a telephone number insert is provided. Examples of sports that use this type of mouthguard: AFL, Kickboxing, Basketball, Netball, Soccer.

The Procedure for a Mouthguard

We’ll start by taking impressions of your mouth to create a mouthguard with a perfect fit. This simple process involves taking impressions of your upper jaw. They’re then sent to our local dental laboratory, where an experienced technician will custom-create your mouthguard. You may need to replace your mouthguard over time as it wears. To determine if you require a new one, you can just bring it along to your routine preventative care appointment and we will check it for you. Read our Mouthguard FAQ. To learn more about mouthguards or to schedule your appointment, contact our team today!


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