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Ashburton Dental Implants

Illustration of dental implantAt Cambridge Dental, we offer the latest innovation to replace a single tooth, multiple missing teeth or all teeth. Dental implants consist of a titanium implement placed into the jaw that mimics a natural tooth root so that it can grow smoothly into the bone.

A single tooth replacement involves a crown fixed on top of the implant. If you’re replacing several implants, crowns can be placed on the top, or dental bridges can be fitted onto the implants. For those seeking to replace all their crowns, a fixed bridge or dentures may be the ideal option.

How to Get Started

We’ll have you book for a consultation to determine if you’re a suitable candidate and talk through the process. We may take X-rays and moulds of the teeth to create a treatment plan, which will describe all details and costs.

Your Next Appointment

You’ll be given a local anaesthetic to keep you comfortable. If necessary, sedation is available. The implant is then placed into your jawbone with a healing cap placed over the top. Over a period of 3-6 months, your implant will integrate with your jaw.

Following Up

After the healing period, we’ll remove the cap and fit the bridge, crown or denture into place. In certain cases, it can be necessary to have a temporary device to allow for further healing before the permanent restoration is fitted.

A Lifelong Solution

With proper oral hygiene habits, including regular dental checkups, your dental implant can last a lifetime. Contact us today to discuss if dental implants in Ashburton might be right for you!


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