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Ashburton Dental Veneers

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When you look in the mirror, do you like your smile? We believe that everyone should be proud of the way their teeth look. There are imperfections, however, that can make you want to hide your smile. If you have teeth that are stained, gapped, misaligned or damaged, veneers at Cambridge Dental can be the solution you’ve hoped for.

They’re a simple way to enhance the appearance of your smile with a thin, tooth-coloured layer of porcelain material that’s placed on the surface of existing teeth.

What to Expect When Getting Veneers

We’ll transform your look over a three-appointment process. It’s quick and simple, involving preparing your teeth to receive the veneers. Then, your veneers are individually handcrafted by our experienced local dental technician and returned to our practice. You’ll then come back for a second fitting appointment.

Your Consultation (first appointment)

We’ll meet with you to discuss your concerns and goals, then complete a diagnostic wax-up to demonstrate how your teeth will look afterwards. It involves taking moulds of your teeth, then sending them to the laboratory. Our technicians will take these impressions to make a cast. Dental wax is then put onto the cast to show how the final veneers will look. You can then decide to move forward, understanding your exact results.

Preparation (second appointment)

You’ll receive a local anaesthetic to numb the teeth and gums. We’ll prepare your existing tooth structure to seamlessly receive the veneers. Then, an impression is taken of your teeth using putty-filled trays, then given time to set. These moulds are sent to the laboratory, where our technician will handcraft each veneer. This process takes 2 weeks, and meanwhile, you’ll wear temporary veneers.

Fitting (third appointment)

We’ll remove your temporary veneers, then use a special paste to apply your brand-new veneers, allowing for slight adjustments to ensure your satisfaction. Once the best placement is determined, we’ll permanently cement the veneers into position, leaving you with the gorgeous smile of your dreams.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long do veneers last?

The longevity of your veneers depends heavily on how you treat them. Good oral hygiene habits that involve brushing and flossing twice per day and biyearly dental examinations are essential. Refraining from biting pens or pencils, opening things with your teeth or biting nails will help ensure they last for years to come.

Does getting veneers involve pain?

There can be some sensation involved in having your existing teeth prepared to receive the veneers. We will numb the area, however, to be sure that you remain comfortable.

How many visits will I need in total?

There are two appointments required to get veneers. At the first visit, your teeth will be prepared to receive the veneers. You will receive a temporary set to wear until your individual veneers are ready. When the laboratory creates them and sends them back, you can return for your second appointment.

At that time, your veneers will be placed on your teeth. If you and your dentist are both happy with the way they look, we’ll cement them into place.

What will my veneers look like?

You’ll work with your dentist to design your veneers. They will be fabricated in our local Australian laboratory to exact specifications. Many people want perfectly even white teeth. Others choose to have small imperfections in their veneers because they like the way it looks or they think it appears more natural. We work with you to ensure that you’re thrilled with the results of your dental veneers Ashburton.

Convenient Opening Hours

We’re here for you on Saturdays and have evening appointments available. If you’d like to discuss getting veneers to improve your look, contact us now!


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