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Ashburton Snoring Solutions

snorng problemJust like the sound produced when you speak, snoring is caused by a vibration in the respiratory structures. The area found at the back of the throat becomes relaxed and narrows during sleeping, which then restricts air movement, producing the sound of snoring. At Cambridge Dental, we can help you and your partner finally get a good night of uninterrupted sleep by relieving your snoring.

Why do I snore?

Some reasons for snoring are in our control, while others can’t be helped. Snoring can be caused by

  • Being overweight with excess fatty tissue around the neck
  • Smoking, which inflames the airways and nasal passages
  • Drinking alcohol, which slows the brain response and causes a high level of relaxation
  • Certain medications, antihistamines and sleeping pills, which promote relaxation
  • Allergies, asthma, colds and sinus infections that cause nasal passages to swell
  • Narrowing of the throat, a cleft palate or enlarged adenoids

Men in their middle age have a wider neck with a greater amount of soft tissue, making them more likely to snore.

What can be done about snoring?

You’ve probably seen the numerous products available on the market today that claim to help with snoring. Many, however, don’t work. At our practice, we can custom-create a device just for you. Mandibular advancement devices will hold your tongue and lower jaw in a forward position, ensuring your airway stays open.

What is sleep apnoea?

Obstructive Sleep Apnoea (OSA) is the most serious type of snoring. With milder cases, airways are narrowed but not closed, resulting in loud, shallow snoring. The more severe cases result from a lack of muscle tone in the upper airway. It then closes fully with one or more breaks in breathing. Your body’s natural reaction is to gasp and start breathing again. As it’s difficult to diagnose, most people who have sleep apnoea don’t know they have it until their partner notices signs.

Similar to snoring, sleep apnoea is usually caused by fatty tissue around the neck or enlarged tonsils.

How can I determine if I have sleep apnoea?

A sleep study is necessary to confirm that you have this kind of snoring. To discuss snoring appliances in Ashburton, contact us today!


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